Monday, January 31, 2011

Another collage with Edward and Bella Kisses

Since we can never get enough of Edward kissing Bella, so here is another collages of some of their kisses <3

The first collage of Edward and Bella Kisses  click here

Friday, January 28, 2011

Robsten at the Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse Premieres/After Party

I made this from four different occasions, from the Twilight Premiere in London, Twilight Premiere in Los Angeles, the New Moon After Party and the Eclipse Premiere in Los Angeles. Because they were no pictures of them together at the New Moon Premiere, so I had to choose from the After Party. 

Robsten Love at the PCA's 2011

They look so happy at the People's Choice Awards 2011, so I made 3 collages of this beautiful couple :)

Robert in Water for Elephants

This is the first collage of Robert as Jacob Jankowski in Water for Elephants. 

Robert as Georges Duroy in Bel Ami

This is Robert as Georges Duroy in Bel Ami. 

Robert and Kristen in Blue

I made these collages because of the suggestion of a friend. Thank You Debby for suggesting it, because these two collages got so many views at twitpic, where I first shared my creations :)

My favorite Robsten Photoshoot

Vanity Fair Photoshoot  was in 2008, but this is until now my most favorite photoshoot of them both. 

Robert at the Golden Globes Awards 2011

Rob at the Golden Globes Awards 2011. So far two collages are not enough for me. Thinking of making more of this event.

Beautiful Love of Edward and Bella

This collage I made from 4 Twilight Saga Movies after the first still of Breaking Dawn was released.

The Beautiful Girl

These are some Kristen's collages from different photoshoots I made so far.

Eclipse Meadow Kiss

The Eclipse Meadow Kiss is so addicting :)

Robsten Love

These are again different pics from different occasions, which show their love.

Breaking Dawn

These are collages from the Breaking Dawn set. I can never get enough of these pics :) *Le sigh*

True Love

Just different pictures of Robert's and Kristen's putting all together. It was not edited very well :)

Edward and Bella Kisses

This is the first collage I made of Edward and Bella. Almost all of Edward and Bella kisses.